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Project Poland

Project Poland is a special offer dedicated towards international companies, who have chosen Poland as their travel destination. In recent years, our country is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction, and we would like to show you the best of what it has to offer. Beautiful cities, modern and comfortable hotels, a very interesting array of event attractions, as well as quite low prices, are just a few of the reasons for choosing our offer. Corporate events in Poland prepared by our company, guarantees a successful trip for your employees. You will not have to worry about anything regarding your stay in Poland, we will plan your travel from beginning to end.

Away days

Away Days

We think that Away Days are very important for your business. Being able to leave work everyday has a positive influence on your employees- they feel more relaxed and naturally spend their free time in a social setting. Because everyone has to rest sometimes, right? This model very well translates into the long term functioning of businesses. If you treat your employees to a trip together, during which they can forget about their every day work, it is guaranteed that they will return to the office with their batteries charged and heads full of new and creative ideas.

Events in Poland

Incentive Travel

One of the best ways to reward your employees for their good work, long term experience in their position, or excellent sales results, is to send them on an Incentive Travel. Taking part in our corporate events in Poland offer will make your single employee, team or management department feel appreciated professionally and wanting to stay with your company for a long time. Our incentives are on the VIP scale, as we implement only the best and most exclusive services that are available on the events market. With a relatively low budget we can prepare a very attractive offer for you, within which each employee will feel like a leader of the highest rank. We provide full service, taking care of the smallest details, as we have broad experience in the service of foreign companies. You can be sure that your employees will be in the right hands.

Incentive travel

Corporate events in Poland

Poland is a beautiful country and there is no doubt about this. When deciding to go on a corporate trip to our country, you can be sure that each target group will find something perfect for themselves. From the highly developing capitol of Warsaw, through the historic cities such as Wroclaw, Krakow or Gdansk, all the way to the charming Mazury or Tatry regions- we have interesting corporate events offers waiting for you in each. Don’t hesitate to write us and ask for an offer- this is free and in no degree binding. We’re a young team and open for all crazy ideas, so together we can definitely come to a satisfactory agreement.

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