Corporate events in all regions

Our main goal is for our retreats to be very active and exhilarating. Through an extensive and long-term fascination with Poland’s tourist sites, we’re able to organize trips for your company throughout the entire country. We offer events even to the furthest and most unknown corners of our country, which we owe to a deep knowledge of its beautiful surroundings, rich landscapes and very interesting forms of spending leisure time in an active way. Our team is very sports-oriented, which results in a large database of locations both popular and well developed, as well as those still undiscovered where company events are still a rarity.



Company Events at the Baltic Sea

During the summer season (May through September) we encourage our clients to benefit from our offer of corporate events by the Baltic Sea. The superiority of these types of events is the undeniable extent of possibilities for activities that are possible because of what the natural surroundings have to offer. Because of this, our most frequent location is the Hel Peninsula, which is the only place where professional training courses from water sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding or diving, take place. The Hel Peninsula is known for offering so many forms of activities, which will please every thrill-seeker. Corporate Events in this area will allow employees to get away from everyday routine and worries, relax and unwind, and most importantly build their teamwork skills and form a sense of company integration.

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Variety of attractions

Our corporate events localized at the Baltic Sea are characterized by a great amount of possibilities when it comes to water sports. Besides kite surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing, participants will also have the chance to jet ski or try rib boating. Those interested in sailing can have fun on catamarans or enjoy a peaceful sunset from the deck of a boat, which are also available throughout for our clients.
While these activities are characteristic for retreats basing around the Baltic Sea, our offers in other locations are nevertheless attractive and wide ranged. Activities such as Laser Tag or Paintball are fantastic forms of enhancing teamwork, which will integrate your employees through striving towards common objectives. For clients who are fans of extreme motor sports, we offer quads or off-road riding, which are both quite rare activities amongst most people. Water rafting, kayaking and rope adventure parks are just a few examples of the activities we offer in practically every part of Poland.

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