Event Planning and Integration

One-day integration events are our main expertise. The main goal of these events is an intensive and effective integration of our client’s employees during a day out in the city, or its surroundings. We offer a range of specialized games and activities that aim at improving the communication and cooperation between team members. We propose original solutions based on the expertise of our specialists in the fields of coaching and business or sport psychology, which guarantee measurable, results, even after just a day’s work. When organizing these kinds of events, we especially care about the safety and comfort of all participants. Each event is specifically matched to the group’s characteristics and requirements. At the end of the day, our events are perfectly summed up at a closing banquet.



Various forms of Event Planning

A corporate meeting is a great opportunity to celebrate a successful phase of work, or an achievement of a specific objective inside the company. We offer interesting and original ways of doing so, which will intrigue and satisfy even the most demanding client.

Corporate picnics are a very good chance to integrate not only employees, but also their families. So-called Family Days are a great and informal alternative to on-site business meetings, and have a positive impact on relations between workers, and above all- they act as a motivational factor for the crew of the company.

Galas and Banquets to celebrate a company’s anniversary are also popular within both large and small firms. Artistic performances, special guests or original performances are only a few of the attractions that we organize at such events.

Conventions and conferences offer a great opportunity for many specialists from one field to meet in one place. Speeches and seminars from experts and business professionals are available in all cities, and they’re a very meaningful way to expand the knowledge of a company’s employee, as well as improve the image of your company.



Promotional events

These kind of events are a great way to promote your brand or a new product emerging onto the market. A diverse spectrum of unconventional means of organizing such events is a guarantee to meet goals and marketing benefits. Promotional events are tailored to your personal requirements and the characteristic of your company. A group of experts from fields such as visual communication, PR and marketing, are in charge of creating your companies image and promoting your brand in the best way possible. Their knowledge and experience act as a guarantee to meet your goals. An addition to our offer is the production of all promotional materials. These types of events have a direct impact on the company’s position on the market.

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