Kitesurfing is a relatively young water sport, which rapidly conquers the hearts of all coastal adrenaline seekers. During the recent years this sports discipline has developed greatly, resulting in an increasing interest from sports enthusiasts. More and more people are starting their adventure with this form of physical activity. Kite surfing is a combination of a few sports, and practically it comes down to swimming with a kite and a specially cut surfboard. We gain speed while kite surfing due to the wind, which doesn’t technically have to be very strong. This is the exact reason why kite surfing is the main sport within the Puck Bay. Learning to kite surf tends to go extremely fast and a trainee can start to swim with their board after only a few hours with a professional instructor. For many employees, it’s the perfect opportunity to get away from everyday routine and find a new sport passion, which is still quite rare in Poland.

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