What is team building

Each event that we organize is primarily intended to integrate and bring together its participants. Team building for companies through active participation in most of the activities that we plan, such as sports, improve inner communication and cooperation within the company, specific department or team. Additionally, we’re able to organize an array of specialized group games, which are aimed at team integration. We can also combine corporate events with Team Building activities. Our coaching and business psychology specialists guarantee a measurable effectiveness of our work. Team Building for companies is an incredibly effective way of improving relations in newly created teams or departments.



Professional Team Building for companies

At your request, we can organize personally tailored integration activities that will aim at improving specific factors in various categories. Our workshops and themed activities will focus on the relations between team members, the aspect of trust between them and the employer, as well as a general improvement of their work efficiency. Of course, each offer is personally made for each client and is determined by his or her goals and by the individuality of each group of participants. We achieve this fully by cooperating with coaches and business psychologists. Team Building participants can improve their work motivation; learn to work in a stable and cohesive team, but most of all- teamwork. Specialists carefully select our Team Building activities.



Company Team Building

It is a well-known fact, often accentuated by great authors specializing in management literature, that one of the biggest factors in a company’s success is effective cooperation and partnership amongst its employees. Factors such as integration, communication and understanding have a huge influence on the finishing product of ones work. Methods based on the functioning and cooperation of the world best sports teams is often implemented while creating and managing a team of employees. Parts of our proposed event programs are meeting with some of the leading polish athletes in volleyball, basketball or football (American soccer). Besides this, a large part of our activities range around team sports, which raise the effectiveness of employees. This unique form of Team Building is very operative, original, and most importantly- fun.

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